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What does excavation work consist of?

How do experts go about excavation work?

The idea of digging into a lot with a home built atop it may not sit well with the homeowner. Yes, we’re referring to excavation. It may not be ideal; however, excavation is often the only way to get to the root of an issue to a home. Foundation issues are a prime example. Before you commit or are informed by a contractor that your foundation cannot be repaired without excavation, here is what you need to know about excavation work:


excavation workOnce an excavation company is contracted to a job, they will visit the site to determine the specifics. Don’t worry, most foundation repair companies either do their own excavation work or contract out a trusted, often used excavation company. It is important, if more than one company is used, that each company is familiar with the other and that they are on the same page throughout the excavation process.

The foundation repair method will have to be determined before all else. There are a number of different types of foundation repair. Some types require minimal excavation, while others require extensive excavation. Piering, as an example, might require a tunnel to be dug beneath your Dallas, TX home or perhaps a hole will have to be drilled or dug from within your home.


Whichever method is determined, the professionals will measure the dimensions and trace electrical wiring and water connections. Also, they will determine what specific equipment will be needed for the job. For home foundation repair job, the equipment is not too bulky. Bulldozers will not be necessary, but drills, shovels, pumps, and miniature trench excavators likely will.

Your contractor should explain the timeline for the excavation work, in addition to the location and the overall process of the excavation work.


Once the layout has been established and equipment gathered, it will be time to start and complete the excavation. Generally speaking, even the most severe foundation repairs can be resolved with minimal to moderate excavation. The experts know how to navigate a lot. They will do everything they can to avoid any sort of destruction to the home. Even if part of the home will need to be dug up, the mess will be cleaned up and the area will be put back together. Your lawn will certainly take a bit of a hit, but that is part of the sacrifice to stabilizing your Dallas, TX home.

In all likelihood, a couple of straight lines will be dug into your lawn in order to create the crawl space or the area for which the piers will be installed. The foundation work will be completed after the initial excavation work is completed. Then, once the foundation work is done, the excavated areas will be filled. You shouldn’t have to experience the same process twice, that is for sure.

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