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Foundation inspection and repair Fort Worth TX

Foundation inspection and repair

Hopefully your home foundation is surviving yet another strenuous Texas summer. Foundation problems are most commonly caused by lengthy droughts, periods of heavy rain, or a combination of the two. Forth Worth certainly is not foreign to said weather occurrences. If your foundation was not so lucky to withstand summer, call a trusted foundation repair company to have a foundation inspection completed.

If you are not sure whether or not your foundation is in good shape, consider common warning signs: sagging floors, cracks (walls, ceilings, floors), rotten wood, jammed doors, protruding walls. Any of these signs warrants at least a phone call to a foundation company.

What does it mean to have a damaged foundation?

foundation inspectionSettling is what you do not want to have happen to your Fort Worth, TX home foundation. Settling, meaning sinking into the ground. A structure is going to settle overtime. The ground beneath us moves gradually and it is for the most part out of our control in regard to how much it moves. It’s when the ground shifts too rapidly that serious foundation problems come about. Again, long droughts and heavy rains are what causes this.

So, when you notice a significant crack in the wall or door that is struggling to shut, you’re being led onto a possible structural issue. At this point, you should contact a foundation repair company for a foundation inspection. The earlier you do this, the less extreme the repair will be, and the less costly the repair will be.

What do foundation repairs consist of?

Moderate foundation issues typically call for a method known as slabjacking. Slabjacking is the process of pumping mud, or a combination of grout mixtures, into the ground to fill the vacant space within the foundation. The substance pumped into the ground is firmer than soil, making it less vulnerable to shifting.

Slabjacking is meant to solve the foundation issue for a number of years to come; however, it is not expected to be a permanent solution. The method is ideal because it requires very little excavation. Thus, you will certainly be saving money on labor compared to methods that do require significant excavation.

Severe foundation issues typically call for piering. Piering aims to raise the foundation, essentially creating a new one. Hydraulic piers are installed beneath the foundation and raised 2-3 feet. You’ll generally have the option to install either concrete or steel piers. Steel will be more expensive, though, they are also sturdier and will therefore last longer. Piering does have the potential to be a permanent foundation fix.  The installation will be costly, but it’s better to take care of the issue in full rather than dealing with ongoing issues. Ongoing issues will run up the overall cost considerably.

BFD Foundation Repairs

Give BFD Foundation Repairs a call at (214) 974-4648 to have your Fort Worth, TX home foundation inspected. Our experts have seen it all. We will determine if there are any issues and explain to you our findings. If repairs are necessary, we will handle them. Call now for a free foundation inspection estimate. Also, please visit our website—www.bfdfoundationrepairs.com—and our blog for additional foundation input.

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