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How much does it cost to relevel a house?

Costs to relevel a house

Foundation issues are a pain, but they are necessary. Unfortunately, homeowners don’t really have a way around foundation repairs, at least not a reasonable one. The reality is a home’s structure will only worsen if structural problems are ignored. Even if a house is on the market, the problem will still haunt the homeowner by a reduced selling price and increased difficulty in closing a sale. For these reasons, take immediate action and have your foundation fixed. Costs will vary based on the extent of the problem; however, the sooner the foundation is tended to, the less repairs will cost. Here is some insight on foundation costs to relevel a house:

Cost of Installing Piers

Cost to relevel a houseThe most common and worthwhile releveling option is installing concrete piers beneath the house. The necessary number of piers will be embedded into the ground, and with the help of hydraulics, the piers will be forced upwards and the foundation will be raised. Of course, this method does require excavation. Therefore, you will pay for it in labor costs. The exact price for labor will depend on the company, though, it generally ranges from $1,000-$2,000.

Beyond labor, the bulk of the releveling costs will fall on the piers themselves. Price per pier will be somewhere between $1,000 and $3,000. A standard sized house will require 3-5 piers to effectively relevel the foundation. The price range applies to customary concrete piers. Helical piers, on the other hand, often times cost less. This type of pier acts more as a screw. A helical pier’s helicopter-like activity forces it deep into the ground, without the extent of excavation required by traditional concrete piers. Helical piers will cost between $1,000 and $2,500.

Cost of Slabjacking

We’ve covered slabjacking before. This method is a great option to relevel a house. It avoids excavation, thus, lessening the cost of labor. Slabjacking consists of pumping mud, or polyutherane into the soil beneath the house. The goal is to pump the specific substance into the areas where there is an imbalance of soil. Ultimately, filling the spaces will level the foundation. The applied substance is strong and will keep the foundation in place for a long period; however, it is not expected to be a permanent fix like piering.

Despite slabjacking’s transient nature, it is a stand out releveling option because it cost less than piering. Slabjacking will cost anywhere between $500-$1,300 (per The foundation will be leveled at a rather inexpensive price. In summary, slabjacking is likely more ideal for structures that are slightly off balance. The cost of pumping mud to relevel a house is more reasonable than having just a single pier installed. That being said, more extreme imbalances should be handled by piering.

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