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5 Warning signs for foundation repair Dallas

Warning signs foundation repair Dallas

Foundation issues are somewhat common throughout Dallas, TX homes. The bipolar Texas weather can play tricks with the soil beneath your home and increase the rate of shifting. Chances are your foundation will be built to withstand and account for shifts; however, some of us aren’t that lucky. The good news is most warning signs of foundation repair Dallas can be seen with the human eye:

Sagging Floors

Sagging or uneven floors can literally be under your nose yet go unnoticed. It’s much easier to notice obvious visual flaws such as cracks or jammed doors. An uneven floor is not always obvious, but there are easy ways to test it. The simplest test is to take a tennis ball or really any spherical object and place it on the ground. If your floor is even then the ball will not move; if it is uneven, the ball will move.

foundation repair DallasSagging floors can result in unnecessary moisture or dampness within the foundation. Common instances exist if there is a crawl space beneath your home or if a home has a basement (highly unlikely in Texas). Of course, the primary cause for uneven floors is an imbalance of soil. You’ll find that will be the root of almost all foundation issues as we move along.

Cracks—Walls, Ceilings, Floors

A noticeable crack anywhere throughout your home could be a tell-tale sign of a foundation problem. Basically, if you don’t know what caused the crack, you should look to a foundation expert to determine how and why it came about.

Minor cracks that are a few inches in length aren’t as much of a concern, though, it would still be wise to have them inspected, especially if you notice them growing. Cracks that exceed a few feet are red flags. If a crack exists all the way from the bottom of a wall all the way to the ceiling, contact a foundation company ASAP. Give long cracks special attention, as well as cracks at the corners of rooms.

From a pragmatic perspective, any crack that you feel has no reason of being where it is should be checked out for potential foundation damage.

Rotten Wood—Anywhere

Wood rotting away on your wall or floor bases is another sign. This generally prompts the possibility of moisture somewhere within the foundation that has found a way to reach the structure. Moisture underneath the structure can invite bugs such as centipedes, silverfish and termites. These bugs can find a way to enter your home. Plus, termites can of course gnaw away at any wood beneath, outside, or in your home.

Jammed or Sticky Doors

Signs of foundation repair Dallas are most likely to occur on the outskirts of a home. Outer walls and outer doors, for example. Reason being, the imbalance of soil often occurs in the outer edges of the foundation. This is where poor drainage can rear its ugly head. If you lot is not draining properly, some areas will take on more moisture than others. Heavy rains followed by a substantial drought can result in an intensified shift and an overall imbalance to your structure.

Thus, be cautious of doors that do not open fluidly. If you have to put forth a strange amount of effort just to open or close a door then something must be off.

Protruding Walls

Walls are meant to protrude to some extent. A structure that has been in place for 20+ years will undergo some sort of shift, it’s only natural. With that said, if you are able to actually notice a slanted or overly protruded wall then you have a problem.

All of the above can be examined and resolved by an expert foundation repair company. In other words, contact BFD Foundation Repairs— (214) 974-4648—if you have noticed any oddities throughout your structure. Our professionals have seen it all. We guarantee a solution to your possible foundation issue(s). Please visit our blog for additional helpful foundation repair Dallas input.


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